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Fight Like Sisters!

"If true love means fighting fair and honestly, while maintaining value and regard for one another, then neither me, nor people of color need to reduce ourselves and our voices in order to get along with Caucasians. Neither do we need to compromise our worth or hide our pain at our boundaries being breached in order to belong in the community of God." -Rev. Oghene'tega Swann

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The Non-Monolithic Experiences of POC: The Diversity Within The Minority

"What we need is an accurate understanding of the distinct challenges that racism can pose for various ethnic groups, and the goal of eliminating racial disparities with an open mind to where and how they may occur." -Haley Gabrielle

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Absentee Fathers: Is It a Black Men Only Thing?

"The issue of absentee fathers has been projected upon African-American communities in America as an issue of the moral failure of African-American men, when in reality, it is a drastic combination of patriarchy and the violent consequence of racism on the Black community." -Rev. Tega Swann