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How Politicizing Race Discriminates Against People of Color

"If one is constantly presented with a negative image of a community and that image is fed with hateful rhetoric, it eventually normalizes any violence done to that community." -

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Black Panther & The Effect of Cultural Appropriation on Youth of Color

"To my son, it was the first time he saw black people not as thugs, drug dealers, gang members, or sex workers. He saw people that looked like him that did amazing things. He didn't see the hood. He saw a nation. He saw a hero. He saw that we aren't just what the media wants us to be." -Shevone Torres

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T In Nigerian Families

"Everyone wants to be respected. Everyone needs to be respected. Respect should not be gender based.  Respect is reciprocal. When respect is accorded to both men and women, regardless of gender, we will have better homes and communities and also raise respectful kids." -Edith Durojaiye

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Becoming the Mother of Black Children

"As I began to learn more about racism and the systems of oppression, it was like I was discovering a whole other world that I had previously not known existed. I had been able to live in my white bubble, unaware of the experiences of POC all around me." -Jenn Lynn

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My Bicultural, Egalitarian Wedding

"We also have a relationship of equality and mutuality, in which neither of us is defined in our roles or abilities by our genders. It was important to us—and to me especially, as a woman and as someone who thinks deeply about gender equality in both my professional and my personal life—that our wedding reflect our egalitarianism." -Haley Gabrielle

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Allied Partnerships: An Introduction To The Complexities of the N-word

"Black people of color have taken a word that was used by colonizers and slave owners in a derogatory manner to describe their ancestors and turned it into a greeting and a term of endearment and friendship within their community. This is seen as a method of gaining back some of what was taken from them." -Zanetta Holley